Co-workers hold lantern memorial after death of Amazon employee

Published: May. 9, 2023 at 11:26 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - Monday, tragedy struck the Amazon Fulfilment Center in Fort Wayne after an employee died.

It’s a situation no one anticipates when going to work and has shaken up other employees.

“As far as you know, not having him around here anymore, I don’t think anyone’s going to get used that not being a familiar face around here anymore,” Carter Amos said.

Carter Amos works at the Amazon Fulfillment Center. He says it’s been difficult trying to process what happened Monday and that it’s even harder to think how it could’ve been him.

“You always think about that, you know, it could be me or it wouldn’t be me kind of thing or you kind of think it would never be you,” Amos said. “Then you see it happen to someone else and the realization kind of sinks in of like that could be you.”

Amos isn’t alone in grieving the loss of his co-worker.

Rosa Garcia works alongside Amos and says the situation has been traumatizing.

“Having somebody pass away here, I’m not going to look at this job the same way again, I’m going to be extra cautious for sure,” Garcia said.

Tuesday night, several co-workers and friends honored the victim in the form of a lantern memorial.

Amos hope it shows the victim’s family they’re not alone.

“I want to show them, they’re not the only ones hurting,” Amos said. “They’re probably hurting a lot worse than everyone else, but we really do care, and we love everybody out here at Amazon like a family.”

As they released their lanterns into the night sky, Amos says it signifies the light they have shining down on them.

“He’s set free, and you know the flame, even though he’s gone, the flame will always be here,” Amos said.

Initially, Amazon employees were set to return Wednesday. However, Garcia says they received a text Tuesday night from Amazon, saying the facility will also be closed Wednesday during the day shift.