Icing for Izaac Brings Easter Style to Cupcakes

Published: Apr. 5, 2023 at 1:58 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - Grayce Holloway is the owner of Icing For Izaac. Her high school sweetheart and husband of 10 years has 5 children together. She launched her business in March of 2019.

Some of Grayce’s story - Who is Izaac?

“Izaac is my “baby b”. December 20, 2017 I walked innocently into my routine ultrasound for my identical twins. I had no idea this day would change my life, forever. Baby A ( Zaden ) was big and beautiful and wiggly with the most beautiful heart beat I had ever heard, & Baby B ( Izaac ) was a bit smaller and still, with no heart beat at all. 25 more weeks I shared with both of my boys and then I said goodbye to one of them forever. It was as traumatic as you can imagine. It broke me in ways I didn’t know that I could be broken. I was so so scared that Zaden would feel alone in the world without his other half and I was equally as scared that Izaac would be forgotten.” - Grayce Holloway

Icing for Izaac
Icing for Izaac(WPTA)

Order today at https://icingforizaac.squarespace.com/ or visit the store off Lima Road at 243 Airport North Office Park, Fort Wayne, IN, 46825