Historic Convoy, Ohio barn moves to new location

Historic Convoy, Ohio barn finds new home
Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 7:14 PM EST
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CONVOY, Ohio. (WPTA) - After several hours, a historic Convoy, Ohio barn has found a new home.

The mile long journey started early Friday morning.

Skid loaders laid steel plates to help keep the 70-ton structure going.

At the same time, a motor attached to the beams moved the wheels through the fields.

“I don’t think words could describe it,” Cathy Thomas said. “I was in amazement because it was just like oh it’s in the middle of the field already.”

Jeff and Cathy Thomas family of Convoy began a three-day process of moving an historic barn to their Lincoln Ridge Farm property.

For 100 years this white barn has sat on the Poling family’s property.

It’s located a mile away from the Thomas’ farm Just off Old Lincoln Highway and U.S. 30.

But when the Poling’s needed to make room for a bigger barn their neighbors offered to purchase the structure.

“We cross three different neighbors’ land and they have given us permission to do that,” Jeff Thomas says. “We think that’s special in itself. And yes, it’s become a community event in Van Wert County.”

Now that the barn is home, its future looks bright, because it’s being turned into a wedding reception hall.