FIRST ALERT: How a ‘Travel Watch’ may impact your plans Wednesday

Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 11:09 PM EST
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - Tuesday night, Bernie Beier, Director of Allen County Homeland Security, issued a ‘Travel Watch’ in preparation of the forecasted snow coming this way.

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“The certainty is over 90 percent that we’re going to have a significant snowfall in the morning,” Beier said.

A travel watch is the second of three tiers of travel notifications.

Travel Advisory Chart
Travel Advisory Chart(WPTA)

Beier says the difference between ‘Advisory’ and ‘Watch’ is minimal, but the jump to ‘Watch’ gives businesses and schools time to consider their plans for Wednesday.

“They both say be careful, it’s slippery or hazardous,” Beier said. “Just the watch says you should consider your emergency plan for the day, and that’s the difference.”

Beier expects to see high amounts of snow during the daytime while people are at work or school. He says the snow may keep you there for longer than normal.

“It might be a slippery ride first thing in the morning, but once you get to work, you might have to stay at work a little bit longer,” Beier said.

But, for some, driving is part of their job.

“It gets kind of tough, I have a little Honda,” Adam Ford, Lexy’s Pizza delivery driver, said. “But, just got new tires!”

Ford is a delivery driver at Lexy’s Pizza. He says deliveries for their restaurant may take longer than normal because of the tough road conditions and asks one thing for those who may order in Wednesday night.

“Be more patient,” Ford said. “We’re definitely trying our best for sure to get it there as fast as possible.”

Patience. That’s the word Ford and Beier both agree people need to have for the upcoming winter weather.

“It’s about patience and common sense tomorrow and managing your own risk at the individual level with good decisions and good partnerships and getting through this storm together,” Beier said.

Beier also says you should have an emergency kit in your car in case of an accident. He also says if you slide off the road, it may take a few hours for tow trucks to get to you.