Some living at Sacred Heart Apartments say management stopped responding to them

Published: Jan. 2, 2023 at 11:15 PM EST
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GARRETT, Ind. (WPTA) - Last week’s winter storm took a toll on some people living in Sacred Heart Apartments in Garrett.

That includes Scott Wright, whose apartment was flooded after a pipe burst in his complex. He says the water damage has made his places uninhabitable.

“I just want to go to bed, lay down, go to sleep after a long day’s work,” Wright said. “I’m just not able to do that.”

The damage was so bad, it forced Wright to leave and move in with a friend for the time being. Now? He just wants the problem fixed.

But even that’s turning out to be tricky for Wright, as he says management has stopped responding to him. I asked him when the last time he had heard from them was.

“Tuesday of last week,” Wright said. “Tuesday morning was the last time I heard from anybody.”

Wright isn’t sure when things will be fixed.

“What’s going on now weighs on the property manager and the owner,” Wright said. “I mean, at least for clean up.”

Clean up: something Wright says he and others impacted by the flooding have been forced to do themselves.

Wright is not the only one waiting for some help. Becky Moesner lives directly above Wright and has dealt with the same issues. Like Wright, Moesner hasn’t heard from management in nearly a week.

“The ownership in this building, really, I don’t think he takes responsibility,” Moesner said.

Moesner has thoughts about moving but isn’t able to afford it.

Wright has also considered moving, but ultimately doesn’t think he’s asking for much.

“I’m not asking for money,” Wright said. “I don’t want to sue. I just want a place to live. It’s all I want. And somebody to communicate with me.”

The property manager of the complex responded to my request for comment saying the owner is currently out of the country, which has led to long wait times for a response. The property manager also says, “we are doing everything we can to fix the issue”.

UPDATE: I received a text from Tina Alley, a friend of Scott Wright, on January 6 with an update on the apartments. She says management “had places for everyone to stay and started ripping out carpet and wet drywall.” She also added “All apartments flooded are getting all new flooring, drywall and paint in the whole apartment”.