Troy Hershberger ready for day one as Allen County Sheriff

Sheriff-Elect Troy Hershberger swears into office at the Inauguration Ceremony on Dec. 29, 2022.
Sheriff-Elect Troy Hershberger swears into office at the Inauguration Ceremony on Dec. 29, 2022.(WPTA)
Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 4:31 PM EST
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - There’s a new sheriff in town. Allen County Sheriff Department Chief Deputy Troy Hershberger will become the new county sheriff.

The longtime deputy will take over the reins in the new year from retiring heriff David Gladieaux. Hershberger beat republican challenger Mitch McKinney in the primary election, then defeated democratic candidate Kevin Hunter to take hold of the post.

With over 30 years of experience with the department, Hershberger says his success will come when he works with others to find solutions.

He explains, “It’ll come down to communication. I know what’s worked, I know what hasn’t worked. I’ll be able to, on day one, work with the council and the other various aspects of county government which has become very important as we move forward with this jail process.”

When asked about addressing crime throughout the county, Hershberger says the county is safe thanks to the collaborative effort between agencies and the public. He did not go into specifics of how to lower crime, resulting in less persons in the jail

However, Hershberger says moving into 2023, the jail will be his biggest challenge, recognizing that not only will the new jail bring challenges of not being downtown, but he’ll still have to address problems at the current jail that he says is over 40 years old, all while using taxpayer dollars wisely.

“That jail never shuts down. It operates every minute of the day, every day of the year. People coming and going. So, you’ve got to address those issues that need addressed such as faulty pipe, faulty electricity,” Hershberger says. “There’s maintenance going on on a daily basis and the maintenance staff for the county does an awesome job., but there are some things, on the technology side of things, that we just can’t put that kind of money into the structure if we’re going to build a new one.”

He says working with county commissioners, judges, and the community is the way the new jail will be successful, and hopes to make the entire department more efficient moving forward.

“Change comes with time, it comes with trying to make things more efficient and that will be my goal. Listening to my staff, the employees who do the work. Do a great job for the citizens and listening to them, and if I can do something more efficient with that change, we’ll do that.”

All Allen County elected officials were sworn in on Thursday and will officially take officer on January 1, 2023.