Allen County foster families become forever families on National Adoption Day

Published: Nov. 17, 2022 at 3:28 PM EST
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - On Thursday, over 40 kids in Allen County had their adoptions finalized. A day many foster children wait for.

National Adoption Day has been recognized in Allen County since 2007. Superior Court judge Lori Morgan has presided over adoption cases for a long time, but still never tires of the excitement the day brings.

“This is an awesome and amazing day for us. A day to create forever families for children and families. I just love seeing the smiling faces and love being able to pronounce them a forever family,” Morgan said. “Some of them has been involved with the court for a while now, so its been a long journey. So, to have a final conclusion, a positive resolution for them is just awesome and amazing.”

Three of the kids adopted today were ten year old Xlyer, seven year old Xalen, and five year old Xelilan.

The siblings have with the Arbuckle family as foster children since March 2021, but today the siblings’ foster family became their forever family.

Katrina Arbuckle and her husband Matt have two biological kids, but say they never expected to adopt three more. She says, “We never thought this would happen. Never thought in a million years this would happen. Never thought I would be fifty with a five year old, but that’s what God planned. So, here we are.”

According to, There are over 407,000 children in foster care throughout the United States. So, for Morgan, National Adoption day is an important one.

“National Adoption Day is all about bringing to the attention of people the fact that there’s a need. There’s children in foster care who have been lingering in foster care and they need forever families. So, the day kind of spotlights for everyone that we have these kids there, lovely kids who need a loving, and deserve a loving home,” Morgan explained.

For Xyler, Xalen, and Xelilah, they say their happy that they are now Arbuckles. Which Katrina says is the best part of the adoption, “We’re officially the family that we already have been for quite a while now.”