Old St. Joe Hospital’s final tower finally tumbles

Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 7:15 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - They say the third times the charm, but old St. Joe Hospital neighbor Sharon Scrogham says that wasn’t the case. She says they’ve tried eight times in a week and a half to take down the final standing portion of the hospital.

But, attempt eight on Wednesday night wasn’t so great Scrogham explains, saying “One cable snapped and went back to the building and you could see sparks fly so a little bit dangerous”

Scrogham has been watching the demolition of the old hospital from the beginning.

Her store, Sharon’s Victorian House and Gifts, has been neighbors with St. Joe hospital since 1989.

And like a friendly neighbor who gets a better opportunity and moves on, there’s mix of emotion for her seeing the old hospital come down

Scrogham explains she’s “Happy because I know they’re going to their new building to get new equipment and serve people, but sad because like an old friend it’s sad to see it go. I don’t remember being born there, but I was. My daughter worked there, I decorated their Christmas tree once in the lobby and they’re good neighbors.”

Britt Demolition went from one machine and one cable trying to pull it down to a total of 5 machines and ten cables, presumably wanting to make sure the 9th attempt is the last.

Scrogham and other spectators watched and waited. Then, finally at 5:57pm on Thursday, the final portion of the old hospital fell as demolition crews gave a collective pull on the old tower.

People cheered and Scrogham watched on with a tear in her eye as the tower fell, remember the history she has with her former neighbor.