Angola mural shines a light on Fox Lake history

Lyndy Bazile Fox Lake Mural
Lyndy Bazile Fox Lake Mural(WPTA)
Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 4:36 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - Fox lake, outside of Angola, helped inspire for artist Lyndy Bazile’s latest mural. It brings to life the area’s history.

Fox Lake is a historically African American community, which served as a safe space for middle class people of color to enjoy the outdoors and the lake. Something not always afforded to them during times of segregation.

Bazile has several murals in Fort Wayne, but this is her first in Angola.

When she first visited the lake, she said she could feel the gravity, the importance of the lake. She says the area’s history falls line with her ambitions as an artist

“All of my public art focuses on uplifting marginalized communities, where I can, in different ways,” Bazile said. “So, my murals in Fort Wayne are celebrating the southeast side of Fort Wayne, which is a historically marginalized black and brown communities.”

The mural is based off of photos Bazile found on the internet, fliers advertising the lake to marginalized people of color from all over the Midwest.

Her art depicts three women, picnicking on a dock, with a child in the background fishing. Common themes she found in her research.

Where can you find this new mural?

You might be surprised to learn it’s on the side of the Jiffy Lube on North Wayne Street.

It’s part of the company’s goal of beautifying neighborhoods while also highlighting local artists .

“Our owner and president had some conversation and realized that you know what, if we start actually putting art on our buildings, it will detour the graffiti and it has done exactly that and, again, it has just provided an entirely new landscape and meaning to what these murals are about,” explained Erin Dejong, Director of Marketing for Jiffy Lube of Indiana

Bazile says this mural is about displaying Angola’s past while planting the seed for this type of space to continue existing in the future

She says, “I think this mural does stand out in that way and hopefully brings that level of consciousness to other people who are not people of color, that this experience does exist and these places are important, and this perspective that you might not see in your life is legitimate and exists, and is great.”

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