Volunteer groups arriving in Fort Wayne to help with derecho clean-up

SBDR arrives in Fort Wayne
SBDR arrives in Fort Wayne(WPTA)
Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 5:25 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - Clean-up continues along Arbor Avenue in Fort Wayne as neighbors are trying to figure out how their either physically, or financially, going to clean up the mess of gigantic trees and damage to homes.

Jinnifer Carver has lived along the street for 42 years and knows her neighbors well, and says there’s definitely people on her street who need help with the clean up.

“We have elderly neighbors, our neighbors with young families that have to try to work, try to take care of their kids and try to clean up at the same time. It’s difficult to do all of those things,” Carver said.

Fortunately, Carver has been helping her neighbors when she can, but more help is starting to arrive.

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is a nationwide group of volunteers who go into disaster areas to help.

Joe Fox, the Regional Coordinator for the SBDR in Indiana says they’re a group who just wants to help, and want to serve the mission of the baptist church.

“We don’t going into a community without being invited by the local authorities because sometimes people just jump in and try to help, and you have too many volunteers somewhere you’re not needed,” Fox said. “So, we wait until we’re asked to come in. We aren’t out for money, we’re just out to help people.”

The group works with local emergency management and churches to reach out to people who need help, and they got the word their help is needed most in the Waynedale area.

For Fox, who says he’s probably one of the youngest volunteers, it’s tough work, but he’s proud to be able to help others.

HE says “It makes me feel real good. We get tired, I get tired. I was in Ohio doing something yesterday, so you get wore out, but it’s a good feeling.”{}

For Carver and her neighbors, it’s good to know there’s strangers who care. saying “It’s amazing to know and it’s been amazing to let some of our neighbors know to watch their reaction when people are coming to the door saying “hey, we can come and help” it’s just a god-send. It’s a real blessing to know there’s so many people out there willing to come help us,.”

If you need assistance with clean up and would like the help of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, go to their website scbi.org

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