Elkhart officials discuss ways to address geese population

Elkhart officials discuss ways to address geese population
Elkhart officials discuss ways to address geese population(wndu)
Published: Mar. 29, 2022 at 11:21 PM EDT
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ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) - Elkhart officials brainstorm ways to curb a sudden bump in the city’s Canada Geese population.

On Tuesday, they met with residents to discuss the issue.

“If we had rats that were doing the same things these geese are doing, people would be outraged. But some people think they are cuddly and stuff like that...It’s mostly the poop and the droppings. It’s just awful...I swim at the Aquatic Center and I have seen goose poop transferred all the way to the pool deck,” said resident Mike Gingrich.

“Canada Geese are state and federally protected so there are certain things we can do and certain things we cannot do,” said Corinne Straight, Director of Communications with the City of Elkhart.

The city said it’s drafting a ‘Wildlife Coexistence Plan’ to help manage human-wildlife interactions within the city.

“Those geese kind of go wherever they would like...that is really the purpose of this coexistence plan...try to get them to love areas where people don’t frequent as often,” said Straight.

City officials said they will spray certain areas to deter geese from specific areas.

“And there’s some new approaches we are going to be doing as far as some natural barriers and some streamers. There’s some applications we can do on grasses...,” said Jeff Zavatsky, Director of the Elkhart Environmental Center.

“Don’t feed geese anything because what they does is that gives them this confidence and this relationship with humans that they really shouldn’t have,” said Straight.

“And there’s plenty of food here for them. In fact if the food numbers are going out, they will leave to find more food,” said Zavatsky.

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